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Home to “The Two Techies”, MunchTech is an online podcast network. Established in late 2009 by Aaron and Jamie with the aim to produce enjoyable, factual and quality content. Powered by a interest for technology, the show covers the latest news and innovations in the sector with occasional well known guest appearances from time to time. Most notably, in 2012 Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc. joined us on Episode 112.

Since 2010, our content has provided news, commentary, help and a personal perspective on the latest news, trends and development in technology from both enthusiasts and experts alike. It is our sole intention to provide an unbiased and completely impartial perspective of the news we cover, all of the opinions formed within the show are our own, and those of the guests we feature.

As of January 2016, we have produced over 550 episodes across the network of various shows.

The Two Techies is released every Saturday and available to listen to and download from the MunchTech website, our Mobile Apps, iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Miro and many other content distribution networks online.

Who Are We?

Two friends who have a seasoned interest in technology, and it’s developments. You can find out more about us by visiting our profile pages right here on the website.


A big motorsports, NFL & Baseball fan and loves his technology. Mention English football, TV soaps or Reality TV and he glazes over!


Travelling, exercise, technology, a good Spotify playlist and coffee keep Jamie happy. *Insert list of dislikes here in the future. Stuck thinking of some at the moment*.

A Bit of History

Starting with a single show in January of 2010, The Two Techies was the very first podcast to be produced on the network. With the same format and idea as it’s current form, it was started to deliver the weeks technology news in a friendly, understandable and laid back manner. Other shows followed a year in to the network with the formation of PodcastAssist, The Saturday Show (formerly MunchTech Discussions), Social Media Weekly and iPlanet. All of which were discontinued at varying points to allow for a more polished version of The Two Techies to be produced, with content which would’ve been relevant to the individual shows then being used for it as well. This allowed for a better focus on delivering a better “The Two Techies” in the quality of delivery in both stories and overall scale of content.


Creative Commons License

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