If you’re a regular listener/viewer of MunchTech’s podcasts you might be wondering why we’ve released a book, over the past two years of MunchTech we’ve learnt a lot about podcasting and what to do, as well as what not to do. We wanted to create this book to help aspiring podcasters setup their podcast with this one ‘tool’ instead of having to do a lot of research into specific markets.

Does this change anything about our podcasts? Definitely not! This book is to help people set up their own podcast, but it doesn’t change anything about ours. We appreciate you [our listeners] and our content will remain free for everyone to enjoy! The book is just an addition to the network!

We’re really excited to announce “The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting” – a new book which we’ve been working on for the past while. The book covers everything you need to know about starting your own podcast, not only that; but if you have already started your own podcast you can learn about certain aspects of podcasting that you’d like to improve on, or learn more about.

The print version of the book costs £10.99, however is currently on sale for £8.49 as in introductory sale. The eBook version costs £6.99 and will hopefully be available in the iBookstore, Kindle and Barnes and Noble stores soon!

The book is currently only available with our distributor as we’re waiting to approve the final print copy proof to confirm everything one more time before continuing on to submit it to retailers such as Amazon.

We’ve strived to assure that the book is of the highest quality and includes as much information as possible that will be of use to potential and current podcasters! If you have had even the slightest thought of starting your own podcast this book is definitely a valuable asset in deciding whether podcasting is for you.

Podcasting is a very versatile market and having your own can be a lot of fun.

You can find more information about the book here.