Joined by Erik Lanigan, we discuss Mac Antivirus and why you probably don’t want to use it at this current time. We also play a clip that Bruce Naylor recorded for this episode explaining his reason on why Mac Antivirus is rendered useless at the minute.

Topics talked about today:

  • Why you probably don’t want to use Mac Antivirus at this current time
  • Bruce Naylor’s (Security Specialist) thoughts on Mac Antivirus, and why you don’t need it at the minute
  • What does Mac Antivirus software actually do to your Mac?
  • Why you’ll probably need to use Mac Antivirus software in years to come
  • A Conclusion on why Antivirus isn’t needed at the moment

Thanks to¬†Erik Lanigan for coming on today’s show! You can follow him on twitter¬†here.