MunchTech is proud to announce a new addition to the MunchTech network, MunchTech Video Specials.

MunchTech Video Specials is a show which offers you Technology event’s coverage, Product reviews, unboxings and a lot more! There is no scheduled dates or times for the show to be released, just when we are at events, or want to review/unbox a product for MunchTech; We post the full videos on both the RSS and Youtube, although if the video is longer than 15 minutes long then the full video will be posted on the RSS and ‘clips’of the video will be posted on Youtube. For example, if we are at an event we will take footage of products and interviews and for the RSS we will merge them all together into one show, For youtube we will split them up and one interview will be one show, Often we may do the same for the RSS depending on what the video is, how long it is etc.