Cord cutting caused by 74% TV price hikes since 2000, Google knows more than Facebook and Apple’s hardware fiasco continues.

Quick News

  • Zuckerberg faces formal summons from MPs [Link]
  • Amazon to Increase U.S. Prime Annual Fee to $119, Up From $99 [Link]
  • Apple removes PayPal Credit & Barclays financing options in the U.K. [Link]
  • Maker of ‘GrayKey’ iPhone Unlocking Box Suffers ‘Brief’ Data Breach, Receives Money Demands [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Report: Cord Cutting Caused by 74% TV Price Hikes Since 2000 [Link]
  • Google has more information on you than Facebook, but users and investors don’t seem to mind [Link]
  • Graphics card makers will be “forced to slash prices” after GPU shipments fall by 40% [Link]