Apple hit a huge milestone, T-Mobile pair with Nokia and Smartphones are banned from French classrooms.

Quick News

  • Logitech is acquiring Blue Microphones for $117 million in cash [Link]
  • Apple is Officially a Trillion Dollar Company as Shares Cross $207 Mark [Link]
  • Fortnite to skip Google Play on Android [Link]
  • Phone and internet use: Number of mobile calls drops for first time [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Apple announces Q3 2018 revenue of $53.3b: 41.3m iPhones, 11.5m iPads, 3.7m Macs [Link]
  • T-Mobile signs $3.5 billion deal with Nokia for 5G technology [Link]
  • France bans smartphones in school [Link]
  • Larger iPhone X Plus seemingly confirmed by leak in iOS 12 beta [Link]