Industry rivals don’t agree with Facebook, a global chip shortage and what does Amazon’s new CEO mean for the company?

Quick News:

  • The Right to Repair Movement Is Poised to Explode in 2021 [Link]
  • Chrome users have faced 3 security concerns over the past 24 hours [Link]
  • Dangerous products remain for sale on Wish [Link]
  • Broadband switching should be less ‘hassle’, says Ofcom [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Unlike Zuckerberg, Snap CEO Spiegel says Apple’s iPhone privacy change is good for consumers [Link]
  • Snapchat warns Apple’s privacy changes could hurt ad business [Link]
  • How will ‘chipageddon’ affect you? [Link]
  • Amazon: Meet Jeff Bezos’s successor – Andy Jassy [Link]
  • Amazon will have a new CEO as Jeff Bezos transitions to executive chair later this year [Link]