On today’s show we discuss Super Wi-Fi, the Internet & SMS being blocked in Egypt, O2 and their plans to make the UK one big open Wi-Fi Network and Sony’s next PSP.

Topics talked about today:

  • FCC Grants Google Access To “Super Wi-Fi” Broadband Spectrum
  • Internet Access & SMS Blocked in Egypt as Protests Escalate
  • O2 plans UK-wide wi-fi network
  • Sony’s next PSP, codenamed NGP
  • Google Is About To Go On A Major Hiring Spree: Plans To Add 6,000 New Employees
  • “Let The Hacking Begin” Declares Person Who Hacked Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page
  • Pixelmator Hits $1 Million in Revenue on Mac App Store
  • Law firm ACS: Law stops ‘chasing illegal file-sharers’