Joined by Rob Greenlee of Zune and WebTalkRadio we discuss Zune and the speculation about it’s “death”, Apple and their ‘anti-trust’ issues, cyber-wars and how they’re over exaggerated and how 3 Dell employees managed to get themselves arrested.

Topics talked about today:

  • Rob and how he started off podcasting, and also how he got working at Zune
  • Apple’s App Store Subscription Policies Raise Antitrust Issues as Content Providers Fume
  • Google unveils One Pass system for online content
  • Cyber war threat exaggerated claims security expert
  • Microsoft Zune is dying, long live Microsoft Zune?
  • Dell employees arrested for poor decision making skills
  • Apple Updates iOS App Store Review Guidelines to Clarify ‘Cheating’
  • iBooks 1.2.1 Detects Some Jailbreaks, Disables iBookstore Purchases in Response

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