Joined by Craig Fox, we discuss the all new Macbook Pro’s, MobileMe and the rumours about it turning free, Microsoft welcoming Xbox Kinect Hackers and Final Cut Pro is due for a ‘huge’ revamp this Spring.

Topics talked about today:

  • What is MyGreatFest, When is it taking place and where?
  • The All New Macbook Pro’s
  • MobileMe Cloud clues found? Will it become free next week?
  • Microsoft says phone update failed 1 in 10 users
  • Mac OS X Lion to Have User Interface Overhaul?
  • New Final Cut Pro Changes Described as ‘Dramatic and Ambitious’ Due in Spring 2011
  • Google faces new complaint in anti-trust probe
  • Microsoft welcomes Xbox Kinect ‘hackers’

Thanks to Craig for coming on today’s show. You can find Craig on Twitter and find more information about MyGreatFest here.