Joined by Erik Lanigan, we discuss the iPad 2 and get his take on it. We also talk about virus scanners/system security for your Mac, talk a bit about a simple feature on the iOS Store which would be really handy and also, is having anti-virus on your mobile phone the modern day ‘norm’?

Topics talked about today:

  • Erik’s take on the iPad 2
  • Does a Mac, really require anti-virus software?
  • A Handy, feature that the iOS App Store lacks
  • Do ISP’s really give us, the speeds promised
  • What are Governments doing to insure we’re getting the speeds we’re promised and are paying for from our ISP’s
  • Is having Anti Virus on your mobile phone, the modern day ‘norm’?

Thanks to Erik for coming on today’s show! You can follow him on twitter, @ErikLanigan