Cisco end operation of the Flip, Final Cut Pro X is nowhere near the final version, Mobile phone users are overpaying by £200 a year and Fujitsu are to offer a UK, Fast rural broadband network, that and more on today’s show.

Topics talked about today:

  • 2 Announcements to do with the MunchTech Network
  • Jamie’s problems with his BT Internet connection this week
  • Final Cut Pro X unveiled, and is nowhere near the final version, according to Apple
  • According to the press, the PlayBook not an iPad killer,
  • Production roadmap for iPhone 5 not yet set
  • Fujitsu offers UK fast rural broadband network
  • Cisco shuts down Flip video camera business
  • Kindle release an Ad-supported Kindle, is the $25 discount worth ads?
  • Mobile phone users ‘overpaying by £200’ per year
  • Microsoft launches StreetView rival in Europe
  • Winklevoss twins lose Facebook appeal over site idea

Note: This show has been released a day early due to Gadget Show Live, we’ll be back to our normal schedule next week.