Microsoft’s Hotmail celebrates its 15th birthday, Apple are preparing Lion and the rumoured Macbook Air’s for launch next week, Spotify is set to launch in US and GoDaddy is sold for $2.25 Billion

Topics talked about today:

  • Microsoft’s Hotmail celebrates its 15th birthday
  • Microsoft to release a Windows 8 preview build at WPC 2011 next week
  • Apple Preparing OS X Lion and rumoured MacBook Air Launch Next Week
  • Mac OS X Lion doesn’t have a welcome video, but does have an ‘Introduction to Scrolling’
  • Illegal UK film downloads up 30%, new figures suggest
  • Huffington Post launches UK edition
  • Spotify Set to Launch in U.S.
  • Shanzai Phone Kills 25 Year Old Man In India
  • GoDaddy Sold for $2.25 Billion