HP kill the TouchPad and WebOS, and also ditch the PC business. Google acquires Motorola Mobility, Evernote acquires image editor Skitch and make it free and Microsoft confirms Windows 8 App Store.

Topics talked about today:

  • HP to follow IBM, ditch its PC business
  • HP Says ‘So Long’ to WebOS Devices
  • HP Confirms PC Spin-off Plans
  • Google acquire Motorola Mobility
  • Evernote Acquires Image Editor Skitch, Makes It Free, Adds Android Version
  • Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 App Store
  • AT&T VP: iPhone 5 coming in early October, prepare to get ‘really, really busy’


Thanks to Erik Lanigan for coming on today’s show!

Erik recorded video on his side during the podcast, which you can view below