Original content is the way to go for streaming, the Apple Watch 3 might just change the smartwatch market and Amazon kills off Lovefilm.

Quick News

  • Hackers can remotely shut down safety features in modern cars with an unpatchable bug [Link]
  • Roaming downtime hits customers on Three in Europe [Link]
  • iOS 11 has a ‘cop button’ to temporarily disable Touch ID [Link]
  • DJI will add private flight mode so it can’t see where you’re going [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • 2017 means a different approach from Software companies
  • Could an Apple Watch with LTE has the potential to be a true iPhone replacement [Link]
  • Netflix Plans to Spend $7 Billion on Original Content in 2018 [Link]
  • Amazon kills its European DVD rental biz, Lovefilm [Link]