An industry where Apple is playing catch-up, Microsoft change their ways and Uber make some pretty bold decisions.

Quick News

  • Spotify signs crucial Warner Music deal [Link]
  • State Supreme Court Says Digital Cameras Can’t Be Searched Without A Warrant [Link]
  • Consumer and Enterprise Data Protection Needs Diverge (CrashPlan) [Link]
  • Online Hate Crimes To Be Taken Just As Seriously As Offline Offenses In England, Wales [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Apple’s autonomous car tech is ‘where Google was three years ago’ says someone who has seen it [Link]
  • Microsoft will never again sneakily force Windows downloads on users [Link]
  • Uber wins ruling allowing it to keep customers from suing in court [Link]
  • AccuWeather caught sending user location data — even when location sharing is off [Link]