The iPhone X opens up to overwhelmingly promising first impressions, Razer’s new phone follows new fashion trends and the FBI find difficulty in encrypted devices.

Quick News

  • Apple Reports 4Q 2017 Results: $10.7B Profit on $52.6B Revenue, 46.7M iPhones [Link]
  • Elon Musk Swears Tesla Model 3 Production is Getting Better [Link]
  • Twitter employee takes down Trump account [Link]
  • Microsoft kills off Kinect, stops manufacturing it [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Early Adopters Unbox iPhone X and Share Overwhelmingly Positive First Impressions [Link]
  • Razer Phone announced with huge bezels, no headphone jack, and dubious gamer cred [Link]
  • Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE will now stream music [Link]
  • FBI locked out of 7,000 encrypted devices [Link]