Apple’s HomePod hits the ground running, Twitter finally makes a profit and Apple music could eclipse Spotify in users.

Quick News

  • Elon Musk’s Falcon rocket soars to space [Link]
  • Uber rejected a $500 million settlement from Waymo earlier this week: report [Link]
  • iPhone Source Code From iOS 9 Leaked on Github [Link]
  • John Perry Barlow, Internet Pioneer, 1947-2018 [Link]

Topics talked about today:

  • Snapchat asks unhappy users to ‘give new update a chance’ [Link]
  • Sonos made a playlist for Apple’s HomePod launch [Link]
  • After 12 years, Twitter finally makes a profit – with some bad/good news on users [Link]
  • Apple Music Now Has 36 Million Subscribers, Could Eclipse Spotify in United States This Year [Link]