28th February 2015

The FCC give their vote, Apple’s watch event is announced for March 9th and Lenovo’s Superfish scandal is one of the worst consumer computing screw-ups ever!

Topics talked about today:

  • FCC votes to protect the internet with Title II regulation
  • Apple Watch event announced for March 9th
  • Lenovo’s Superfish Scandal Is One of the Worst Consumer Computing Screw-Ups Ever
  • ‘Pebble Time’ Debuts on Kickstarter With Slimmer Design and Colour Display


21st February 2015

Pebble teases a new smartwatch, Lenovo will stop installing bloatware and Sony has a go with their own smart glasses.

Topics talked about today:

  • Raspberry Pi Sells 5 Million Units and Makes History
  • Pebble Teases new, thinner model
  • Motorola boss at odds with Jony Ive
  • Sony takes orders for smart glasses
  • 15 things we’ve learned from Jony Ives NY Times Profile


16th February 2015

Netflix will spend $5 billion on programming in 2016, Microsoft acquires Sunrise and Android wear’s figures are more than disappointing.

Topics talked about today:

  • Netflix will spend $5 billion on programming in 2016
  • Microsoft Acquires Sunrise Calendar App
  • Fitbit says Surge can cause rash
  • Google’s Android Wear Shipped Just 720,000 Units Last Year


8th February 2015

Pebble sells 1 million smartwatches, Pandora has made a $100 million loss in the past 3 years and Keurig’s attempt to restrict usable products completely backfires.

Topics talked about today:

  • RadioShack Cuts The Cord After 94 Years, Files For Bankruptcy
  • Pebble prepares to reinvent itself after selling 1 million smartwatches
  • Pandora has lost $100m in just three years
  • Keurig’s attempt to ‘DRM’ its coffee cups totally backfired
  • Faster Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled


1st February 2015

Apple earnings beat expectations whilst Microsoft’s quarterly profits fall, the cable industry opposes the need for high speed internet saying it’s not needed and The Two Techies turns 5!

Topics talked about today:

  • A montage of some parts from the past 5 years
  • Our most recent bloopers
  • Spotify seeks $500M in new funding; is a Facebook takeover possible?
  • Twitter introduces new features; is it to stay relevant?
  • Top Tech Giants Post their profits from last quarter
  • The cable industry opposes the need for “high speed” internet


Thank you for your continued and extended support over the past 5 years of the show!

24th January 2015

Microsoft takes a turn with Windows 10, Blackberry seek help on app making and can the vinyl comeback really be called a comeback?

Topics talked about today:

  • Windows 10 free for all Windows 8.1 and 7 users for first year of availability
  • Apple details HomeKit compatibility with competing home automation platforms, rules out rival Wi-Fi gear
  • Blackberry seeks aid on app making
  • What the Vinyl “Comeback” Really Looks Like…


18th January 2015

One word explains why Google might pay $100M for a failing payments app, a new modular phone and Google Glass comes to an end. In memory of Erik Lanigan.

Topics talked about today:

  • One word explains why Google would pay $100M for a failing payments app
  • Google to pilot modular phone
  • Google Glass Explorer Program Ends, Tony Fadell Takes Over
  • Has CES got too big to succeed?
  • Samsung sells first Tizen phones


In memory of Erik Lanigan; 1987 – 2014.

A compilation of the content Erik produced with us can be found here.

10th January 2015

CES 2015, Apple could eliminate almost every port in the next MacBook Air and the FTC warns on data grabbed by gadgets.

Topics talked about today:

  • CES 2015
  • Apple could eliminate almost every port on its next MacBook Air
  • FTC warns on data grabbed by gadgets
  • Netflix: VPN crackdown claim ‘false’


3rd January 2015

CES 2015, Google Fibre’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s worst nightmare come to life, 5 tech trends that will dominate 2015 and Apple sued over ‘shrinking’ storage.

Topics talked about today:

  • CES 2015 Preview
  • Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s worst nightmare come to life
  • Apple sued over ‘shrinking’ storage
  • 5 tech trends that will dominate CES 2015
  • The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2015


27th December 2014

Instagram is now worth a lot more than what it was bought for, the top tech stories of 2014 and could 2015 be the year of “good looking” wearables?

Topics talked about today:

  • Could 2015 be the year wearables become sexy?
  • Instagram is now worth 49 times what Facebook paid for it
  • The top Tech Stories of 2014
  • Xbox and Playstation tackle Christmas Day attacks


Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

20th December 2014

Verizon says it’ll charge Netflix interconnection fees regardless of the FCC’s ruling, Microsoft takes on tech scammers and Blackberry experience another revenue slide.

Topics talked about today:

  • Facebook is dropping in Popularity with Teens Again, Study Shows
  • Verizon says it’ll still charge Netflix interconnection fees no matter what the FCC decides
  • Microsoft takes on tech scammers
  • Blackberry in revenue slide
  • Apple defeats $1bn case over iTunes


From MunchTech, have a Happy and Merry Christmas!

13th December 2014

Is the web truly unequal and unfree? A $240 smartphone that out-designs most flagships and Microsoft speaks up.

Topics talked about today:

  • MPAA Prepares to Bring Pirate Site Blocking to the U.S.
  • Why you can’t get 4K Netflix and Amazon on a PC or Mac (even though they’re capable)
  • Microsoft tells US: The world’s servers are not yours for the taking
  • Net is ‘less free and more unequal’
  • Sharp Aquos Crystal: A $240 smartphone that out-designs most flagships


7th December 2014

The modular phone gets a new piece, Sony Pictures reportedly hacked with all computers rendered unusable and will iPad sales slump whilst Android’s soar?

Topics talked about today:

  • The modular phone picture gets a new piece: PuzzlePhone
  • Sony Pictures Hacked, All Computers Reportedly Unusable
  • Light-bending silicon strips are the key to super-fast computers
  • Will iPad Sales Slump Twelve Percent whilst Android’s soar?


29th November 2014

Warnings over phone biometrics, watchmakers take aim at smart copies and the secret life of passwords.

Topics talked about today:

  • Ex-GCHQ boss warns on phone biometrics
  • Younger generation turn to online viewing
  • Watchmakers take aim at smart copies
  • Xiaomi thinks it can top Apple and Samsung as world’s largest smartphone maker within a decade
  • The Secret Life of Passwords


Link to Passwords Article


24th November 2014

It’s Christmas time again! Join us for our 5th annual Christmas Gift Guide for 2014 to help you decide what to buy for friends, family and loved ones this holiday season!

Gift’s mentioned on this episode:

Portable Gadgets

Peripherals (Accessories, cases, stands, keyboard, etc)

  • Sennheiser HD 205 – £39.99 (Amazon UK)
  • Sennheiser HD 202 – £26 (Amazon UK)
  • Anker 2nd Gen 13000mAh USB Battery pack – £21.99 (Amazon UK)
  • Schwinn “Cycle Nav” (light and navigation) £36
  • Sleep phones (£35)
  • Lime fuel LP200X; 20000mAh ($34.99)

Home Devices

  • Nest Thermostat – £249 (Nest)
  • Bluetooth equipped Frying Pan “Pantelligent”- $200
  • Samsung UE22H5600 22″ TV – £187.42
  • Philips Spotify Multiroom Speaker £100

Games & Consoles

Gizmos (Eg. Anything else techy)

  • Hubson X4 Drone – £31 (Amazon UK)
  • Withings Activite – £320 (Withings Store)
  • Colgate Omron “Proclinical A1500″ £79.99
  • Pico Genie P100 £250 (LED HD Projector for iPhone etc)
  • iShower (£64)

Stocking Fillers

  • XMI XMini 2 Portable speaker – £15 (Amazon UK)
  • Arduino (Any or starter kit) (Maplin)

Movies/TV shows


  • The Innovators Book (Amazon UK)
  • Brooklyn Beer Making Kit – £39.99 (Firebox)
  • Game of Thrones replica iron throne – £20,000 (Firebox)
  • Personalised superhero action figure – £79.99 (Firebox)
  • Crabble Folding smartphone stand (£5.99)
  • Credit Card lightbulb (£2-5)
  • Touchscreen Gloves (£5-50)
  • Gorilla Torch (£26.89)
  • Vintner Wine Aerator (£20.49)
  • Pick Punch (for people who play guitar/other string instruments) £10-20 (Firebox)


Thanks for listening! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!