17th May 2015

A security bug bigger than Heartbleed, Verizon acquires AOL and could computers outsmart their human counterparts?

Topics talked about today:

  • ‘Venom’ security vulnerability threatens most datacenters
  • Verizon is acquiring AOL for $4.4 billion
  • Microsoft backtracks on free Windows 10 update for pirates
  • Will AI be smarter than humans within the next 100 years?


9th May 2015

Microsoft to stop versioning Windows, is Spotify ready for Apple’s musical onslaught and researchers find more massive security risks in Lenovo machines.

Topics talked about today:

  • Microsoft to stop Producing Windows versions
  • How Spotify is getting ready for Apple’s musical onslaught
  • Keurig’s stock drops 10% and say they were wrong about DRM
  • Lenovo: researchers find “massive security risk”


3rd May 2015

Apple reports record quarter revenue, a possible step forward for quantum computing and how Pebble’s CEO plans to win the Smart Watch war.

Topics talked about today:

  • Microsoft brings Android, iOS apps to Windows 10
  • Anonymous messaging ‘Secret’ app worth $100m USD shut down
  • Apple reports record march quarter results of $13.6bn profit on $58bn revenue
  • Step forward for quantum computing
  • How Pebble’s CEO plans to win the SmartWatch wars


25th April 2015

Comcast and Time Warner’s deal falls through, Nokia may release a new phone at the end of next year and Norway will be the first country to shut down FM radio.

Topics talked about today:

  • Apple Rumoured to Release Updated iPod Touch Later This Year
  • Rail signal upgrade ‘could be hacked to cause crashes’
  • Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners
  • Nokia may return with a new phone next year
  • In 2017, Norway will be the first country to shut down FM radio


18th April 2015

Is Google a fading force, Samsung may just win the race to build your next smartphone chip and the NSA thinks it can keep spying without compromising your security.

Topics talked about today:

  • Is Google a fading force?
  • Samsung, in a race to build your next smartphone chip, may just win
  • Amazon seeks to shut down paid review sites
  • IBM and Apple want to share how you are with others
  • NSA thinks it can keep spying without compromising your security


12th April 2015

Microsoft give a heads up of possible laws which may force them to hand over data from foreign servers, Apple Watch “orders are great” and could Yahoo’s loss of a top executive mean anything?

Topics talked about today:

  • Microsoft: Feds are ‘rewriting’ the law to obtain emails overseas
  • Tim Cook says Apple Watch “orders are great”
  • A top Yahoo executive leaves as company still tries to find its way
  • Early Benchmarks Put Retina MacBook CPU Performance in Range of 2011 MacBook Air


5th April 2015

Netflix may go global, Microsoft debut their new offering and the FBI really don’t like encryption, but is banning it really the answer?

Topics talked about today:

  • Apple Watch Edition Perks
  • Netflix want to go global with everything
  • Microsoft unveils iPad priced $499 Surface
  • The FBI used to recommend encryption, now they hate it


28th March 2015

HTC loose another design chief, the European Commission give some advice and Intel and Micron announce 3D NAND production.

Topics talked about today:

  • Intel and Micron Announce 3D NAND Production, Open Gates to 10TB SSDS
  • HTC Design Chief Jonah Becker Exits, Second to Leave in a Year
  • Leave Facebook if you don’t want to be spied on, warns EU
  • Meerkat v Periscope: Who will win the live-streaming video battle?


21st March 2015

Lenovo to launch a Windows phone, Tim Cook identifies Microsoft’s big problem and why Windows 10 might just be a success.

Topics talked about today:

  • Lenovo to launch its first Windows phone this summer
  • Tim Cook says Microsoft’s big problem held it back
  • Windows 10 will be free for practically everyone
  • The Microsoft Band


14th March 2015

Joined by Rob Greenlee, Apple’s Big Event, Netflix continues to crush Cable TV and blackberry are still around, but for how long?

Topics talked about today:

  • Apple’s Big Event: Everything You Need to Know
  • Netflix Continues To Crush Cable TV
  • MSN moving to Windows division in big internal shakeup at Microsoft
  • BlackBerry launches 5-inch touchscreen smartphone, announces slider phone


Thanks to Rob for coming on today’s episode!

8th March 2015

Sony and Microsoft focus on price, Virgin Atlantic Engineers test Sony’s Smart glasses and is modern computing rather dull?

Topics talked about today:

  • Sony and Microsoft focus on price
  • Samsung S6 phone has curved screen
  • Virgin Atlantic Engineers are Testing Sony’s Smartglasses
  • Modern computing ‘rather dull’
  • Cut music to ‘an hour a day’ says the World Health Organisation


28th February 2015

The FCC give their vote, Apple’s watch event is announced for March 9th and Lenovo’s Superfish scandal is one of the worst consumer computing screw-ups ever!

Topics talked about today:

  • FCC votes to protect the internet with Title II regulation
  • Apple Watch event announced for March 9th
  • Lenovo’s Superfish Scandal Is One of the Worst Consumer Computing Screw-Ups Ever
  • ‘Pebble Time’ Debuts on Kickstarter With Slimmer Design and Colour Display


21st February 2015

Pebble teases a new smartwatch, Lenovo will stop installing bloatware and Sony has a go with their own smart glasses.

Topics talked about today:

  • Raspberry Pi Sells 5 Million Units and Makes History
  • Pebble Teases new, thinner model
  • Motorola boss at odds with Jony Ive
  • Sony takes orders for smart glasses
  • 15 things we’ve learned from Jony Ives NY Times Profile


16th February 2015

Netflix will spend $5 billion on programming in 2016, Microsoft acquires Sunrise and Android wear’s figures are more than disappointing.

Topics talked about today:

  • Netflix will spend $5 billion on programming in 2016
  • Microsoft Acquires Sunrise Calendar App
  • Fitbit says Surge can cause rash
  • Google’s Android Wear Shipped Just 720,000 Units Last Year


8th February 2015

Pebble sells 1 million smartwatches, Pandora has made a $100 million loss in the past 3 years and Keurig’s attempt to restrict usable products completely backfires.

Topics talked about today:

  • RadioShack Cuts The Cord After 94 Years, Files For Bankruptcy
  • Pebble prepares to reinvent itself after selling 1 million smartwatches
  • Pandora has lost $100m in just three years
  • Keurig’s attempt to ‘DRM’ its coffee cups totally backfired
  • Faster Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled